Rubber, Chemical & Petrochemical Skill Development Council (RCPSDC)

The Rubber sector is highly labour and energy intensive. Non-availability of skilled manpower in the sector is a major challenge in the productivity and growth of the industry. Rubber sector has acute shortage of skilled manpower that should be trained and equipped with the talent as per the industry requirement. As per the skill gaps identified in the primary survey conducted by RSDC brings to the fore that the current workers recruited in the rubber industry have generic employability skills and not specific task skills/knowledge.

About Us

The rise of advanced technologies has led to revolutionary changes in the economic systems. Along with this, skill sets are being disrupted and modes of training & delivery are evolving rapidly. To address the challenges imposed by these changes and the rising expectations for innovative skills training by stakeholders and end-beneficiaries, there is an increased demand for online and blended learning, therefore requiring trainers/assessors to harness technologies to enhance the accessibility, effectiveness and efficiency of learning and assessment.

Online Training of trainees/students is envisaged as an option for conducting training while leveraging technology/ digital skilling tools.

Following sections cover the overall delivery model, duration, program components and specific modifications from classroom program.

  1. Eligibility of Trainee/student
  2. Applicability:
    The Online program shall be applicable for the following:
    • New entrant to the rubber sector
    • Existing in-service professionals in the rubber sector
    • The aspirants of the online program must meet the eligibility criteria defined for each job role by RSDC.
    • The aspirants must necessarily possess the essential ‘digital skills’ required to undertake the online program.
    • Those job roles where RSDC has provision for conducting online assessment (covering theory and practical) for domain and platform QP.
  3. Program requirements:
    3.1 Eligibility check and pre-screening:
    • The profile of the Trainee along with eligibility documents have to be sent to RSDC SPOC prior to the online program
    • Student/trainee details to be uploaded on Skill India Portal for certification

    3.2 Electronic device / Computer with camera and microphone for trainer led program through video conferencing. 
    3.3 Access to the Self-learning content will be made available to participants before the programme begins.

  4. Structure of the program:
    Online program would be blended with instructor led sessions interspersed with the e- content in a structured and meaningful approach. The student has to complete the remaining practical training hours via internship or practical lab in the respective training centre.