In this new age with all the imposed restrictions education and training have reached a new dimension by enriching learners through digital training platforms.

In the so-called new norm where everyone is bound to be confined at their homes, technology is providing access to a plethora of information at a fingers touch. In this endeavor, we would like to introduce our online digital learning platform eKaushalacharya the trainer/ coach for providing training thus making the student’s future-ready to be welcomed by the industry with open arms.

eKaushalacharya is a one-stop solution for all training and skilling programs in Rubber and Petrochemical Industry. It provides skilling opportunities for learners beyond the boundaries of location and space.

The students/learners can access any course of their choice and get training and assessment at their own pace and convenience. Through leveraging technology it provides training to the candidates at their doorstep.

These QP-based courses provide in-depth knowledge about the subject along with live demonstrations of the practical tasks giving the first-hand experience to the learners on the working of the machines as well as the industry. This e-learning platform provides opportunities to training partners and skill seekers to exchange knowledge and increase the pool of employable candidates in the industry thus filling the skill gap and contributing towards the overall growth and development of our country.